Medal Ball


Medal Ball is a formal opportunity for you to be recognized with a certificate and trophy as you graduate to the next level of proficiency in your dancing. Graduate from Newcomer, Bronze, Silver and Gold programs designed specifically for you at Royal Palace Dance Studio.

Medal Balls are hosted twice a year to recognize students for their accomplishments on the dance floor. The first portion is the dance exam where one will test out of their current level for particular dances in their program. Through the medal system, we are able to provide students with a means of achieving their goals. As a national standard of expertise, measuring your progress is given formality and accountability. Work at your own pace and always have a new challenge ahead of you to work towards.

After the exam portion of the Medal Ball, we follow it up with an award ceremony filled with dancing, appetizers, beverages and, of course, award distribution. This is always a fun and exciting experience for students to get dressed up for an afternoon and evening of fun.



A Showcase is a series of dance demonstrations by students to share with their friends and family what they have been working on at the studio, similar to a recital. Students may have choreographed or free style performances. 

There are two ways to participate at the showcase, as a performer where you can choose your favorite song and costume to perform in the show. Or as an audience member where you can have an afternoon or evening of dancing with those who share the same passion or interest as you.

A Showcase Program can be through our studio, or you can host your very own. Through a series of dance lessons, our dance pros can help choreograph a dance(s) or work on free-styling for your showcase. A partner is not required for the Showcase. Single students can work with their dance instructor (also known as Pro/Am) or couples can dance together (known as Am/Am). Group formations are also an option for showcases such as Zumba, Salsa, Tango, etc. 

Entertain your audience of close friends and family while you blow them away with your new found talent and skills! Call the studio at 603-621-9119 to learn more about how you can participate in a Showcase or host your own!


Competitions, or dance sport events, allow students to compete at various dance levels, age levels. Certified dance professionals at RPDS are trained to prepare you for your next dance sport event. This is an opportunity to travel the world, meet new friends, go shopping, stay at five star hotels, spoil yourself, and dance! Competitions require specialized training to perfect your choreography, styling and technique to set you up for success. Events are filled with activities, cocktail parties, dinner dances and professional entertainment.

Competitions through Royal Palace Dance Studio can take place locally within New England, throughout the country, and even in various International Competitions. So even if you are looking for an excuse to get away on a great vacation to watch dance competitions or you are looking to participate in them yourself, RPDS staff can help you find the perfect one for you or you and your partner! Call today at 603-621-9119 to speak with a Dance Pro to get you started on your next competition adventure!